Instructions on how to build a Christmas wreath

2020 has been the year to connect with family. Make this the year you create your very own DIY decorations with our easy step by step guide on how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch. Our DIY Christmas wreath packages contain all you need to make this project easy and fun for you and your family.

TheMaltaFlorist Christmas Wreath

Contents of wreath box

  • 1 straw wreath
  • 1 reel of wire
  • different varieties of Christmas foliage
  • berries
  • baubles
  • pine cones

what you will need:

  • A pair of wire cutting scissors.


Step 1

Attach one end of the reel wire to your straw wreath and give it 3 twists around the wreath leaving the wire attached

Step 2

Prepare bundles of 3 or 4 pieces of foliage including berries. Set them out according to your tastes.

Step 3

Lay a bundle of foliage on the wreath and secure firmly using the reel wire. Add more bundles in the same direction, overlapping with the previous one.

Step 4

Keep repeating this process while still covering the cut end of the previously added foliage with the tops of the next layer, moving forward on the wreath by approx 2 inches every time. Remember to always lay every branch in the same direction.

Step 5

Continue adding bundles of leaves until the frame is evenly covered. Cut the reel wire, leaving enough to secure at the back by twisting it around itself.

Step 6

Cut long lengths of reel wire to make ‘legs’ for your decorations (to attach them to the wreath). To do this, bend the wire in half and attach with a few twists around a suitable point on your decoration (such as the)

Step 8

Attach the decorations at random intervals around the wreath by separating out the ‘legs’ of the wire and securing them at the back of  the wreath with a few twists. 

prepare a nice place to hang your wreath upload photos on your social media and tag us @themaltaflorist as we would love to see what you created

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