Chrysanthemums in the fall

When you think of flowers you generally think of spring and blooming fields of tulips. However, did you know that there are flowers that grow better in autumn? The chrysanthemums – these are the flower of fall—is absolutely stunning and can make the most sophisticated bouquets

Many people think of cemeteries and funeral when they think of chrysanthemums but this is not true anymore as the latest breeds of this flower are absolutely stunning and elegant.

So what makes the chrysanthemum so special? Maybe it’s because they are so versatile and come in virtually every colour on the spectrum. Possibly because they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes – you will find chrysanthemums that look like pom poms, others that look like spiders, others that come in bunches or single flowers. Let’s not forget that they are deep-rooted in history and carry much significance. Or maybe it’s because they are stunning flowers. Either way, there is more to these autumn enchanters than meets the eye.

Legend has it, that towns in Asia were chrysanthemums bloomed all lived to be over 100-years-old! For this reason, it was mostly used by the upper class and royalty.

History of the Chrysanthemums

This flower is a prominent icon in Japanese culture. It is the symbol for the emperor and imperial family. In fact, this flower even has its own dedicated day—Chrysanthemum Day, also known as the “festival of happiness”.(September 9). The Japanese consider them a symbol of life and happiness

There are currently 40 different chrysanthemum varieties in existence. TheMaltaFlorist is currently growing 28 varieties here in Malta between the months of October and December.

Interesting information about Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are:

  • The November birth flower
  • The 13th wedding anniversary flower
  • Used in teas to detox and treat the flu and headaches in some parts of Asia
  • Known to bring happiness and laughter in the home according to Feng Shui
  • The largest commercially grown plant in the U.S

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