About Us

About Us

TheMaltaFlorist is the brain child of Charles Zahra. Charles grew up in a family of farmers. His grandfathers dream was that one day charles could take over their farm land and make better use of them by studying all about agriculture. 

Charles studied agriculture at the Univeristy of Malta in Collaboration with the University of Perugia and worked at the University of Malta and MCAST as a researcher for some time. But the call of the fields was always too strong and in 2019 he decided to follow his passion and switch to a farmer full time.

We started selling flowers at the farmers market. After teaming up with Marisabelle Bonnici we decided to grow our presence online and started delivering bouquets on order.

In March 2020 we opened our first tiny florist shop in Sliema and in July 2020 a very talented florist joined our team. Our next step is this website. We hope to be launching our subscription services and our high tech rose greenhouse in the coming months. 

His Wish was always to grow something that brought people joy and happiness and that is why he switched his focus from fruit and vegetables to flowers. 

TheMaltaFlorist started in 2019

Our Mission

Growing up always so close to the land our mission is to use sustainable farming methods, natural methods of pest control as well as water conservation techniques. We use various techniques including hydropinic systems in our greenhouses. 

Sustainable flowers & foliage - good for nauture and the bees!

You will notice that our flowers will change with the season as we try and grow seasonal flowers. This is better for the land but also for the consumer as this means any flower they buy from us is in season and will last longer. When buying flowers out of season they will wilt almost immediately.

Our farming practices are all sustainable. We continously improve the quality of the soil by using sustainable fertilisers and promoting a healthy micro organism population. This enhances the habitat for local wildlife in fact we have even often come across wild bunnies running around our fields.

Flowers always make our Maltese countryside more attrractive and not only do they look beautiful they also encourage pollinators such as bees and beneficial insects. 

Grown sustainably flowers contriubute to our countries environment. We use water conservation methods as well which in a country like Malta is extremely important. 

Our bouquets will feature the best of what is in season - blooms harvested three to four times a week, fragrant herbs and unique foliage. We use sustainable packaging materials. Our business cards and gift cards are also made from recycled paper.